Prominent reviews

- Mauricio García: Producer, Nivel21 Entertainment

"Fernando is an excellent professional and a creative sound designer. He perfectly understood the requirements of our project and delivered an outstanding quality sound design for our game. He had no problem to fit our schedule and to kept up with the delivery calendar of our iterative production process. He was able to deal with the responsability of the whole audio production, allowing us to concentrate on the rest of the game, which in our particular case was really helpful. Having worked side by side with Fernando in the past in a really huge project too, I would recommend him for any game no matter the scope."

- Fernando Rodríguez: Lead Programmer, Pyro Studios

"Fernando is one of the best professionals with whom I have had the pleasure to work. Great specialist in his field and excellent teammate. Working with him was really easy at any time thanks to his ability to see and understand the needs and demands of any project in its different stages of development. Any development team should be delighted to have someone like him."

- Anna Kliebhan: Production Coordinator, Pyro Studios

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Fernando. He is a very friendly, reliable, communicative and highly creative professional with a great perception for the needs and wishes of the development team, no matter how “exotic” these may be. I can warmly recommend him to any future employer."