Prominent reviews

- Luis Fernández: Studio Director, Pyro Studios

"Fernando Román has shown himself to be a great professional during his time at Pyro Studios, always willing to listen, proactive and adaptable to changes, which in this industry are so usual. The quality of his work is reflected in Planet 51 The Game, he does not need more references."

- Mateo Pascual: Audio Director & Composer, Pyro Studios

"I feel lucky to have worked with Fernando Román throughout the last three projects. He loves his work and throws himself into each project he works on. He has very clear principles and is completely reliable in terms of complying with deadlines and ensuring the maximum quality of his work. I hope I can collaborate with him again in future projects and I wish him the best in his new company."

- Juan Tamargo: Producer & Game Director, Pyro Studios

"During the development of Pyro's "DanceStar Studio", Fernando brought his wide experience as a sound engineer for videogames, always showing a possitive, enthusiastic and constructive attitude. His support during the project made things very easy, with a very professional attitude and delivering on time and quality beyond expectations. Working with him was a great pleasure!"