Sonogames in media

- Commandos Strike Force - Worthplaying. Calification: N/A

"[...] The audio at least is good, and probably the part of the game that received the most attention, and deserves the most praise. The music is appropriately cinematic and dramatic, filling the role of atmosphere provider quite nicely. It's certainly impressive and really helps to draw you in to the game. Equally as impressive are the voiceovers for the various characters. Each one of the playable characters has his own style, accent and mannerisms that get conveyed nicely through the voice acting. Sound effects and weapons fire are also done well, and the sense of being at war is certainly omnipresent, thanks to the intense exchanges of fire in some stages."

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- Commandos Strike Force - Trucoteca. Calification: 8 / 10

"[...] we highlight the sound of the title. The soundtrack has been performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bratislava and certainly fits with the development of the action like a glove. Laden with epic, it takes us on wings while we perform our tasks often reminding us of large productions that were set in similar scenarios. The repertoire of special effects such as gunshots, explosions ... also remain on the same line."

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- Commandos Strike Force - MundoGamers. Calification: 9 / 10

"Just one word defines this entire section of the game: Great. The soundtrack is the best of all video games of all time. An orchestrated soundtrack that immerses us in the epic and warlike atmosphere of the Second World War. An Oscar worthy sound that also fits perfectly into the player's actions and their position in the game. The sound is kept quiet during quiet times, accelerated at tense times and breaks with the impending danger. On the other hand the dubbing is perfect. Performed by real actors with dubbing experience in films and television, you will recognize in more than one occasion some Hollywood star immersed in this war of global dimensions. And last but not least, the sound effects are just perfect within the whole sound section. Other companies should learn from what is a good treatment of sound in a game. A perfect hit of Pyro."

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