Fernando Román Martínez

Fernando Román Martínez, Sound engineer and senior technician in computer science, is currently one of the top professionals in the area of sound production for video games in Spain.

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With 8 years experience in the world of video games, 16 published tittles and more than 13 years in the audio world in general, he has managed the sound design of the last productions of Pyro Studios (Imperial Glory, Commandos Strike Force, Star Dance Studio and Planet 51) and has been in charge of other productions for companies such as Freedom Factory Studios (Stonewall & Brick's) and Over the Top Games (NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits).

He currently manages the sound department of Spanish developer Virtual Toys, being responsible for the sound in the last productions for the company (Freak Wars, Geronimo Stilton I & II, Cars 2, Phineas & Ferb and Ant´s Life).


More than videogames: During his career, Fernando Roman has participated in the recording of two record productions by the acclaimed music producer Paco Trinidad (Ondas Award for best music producer) for EMI Music Spain and Szena Records.

Fernando Román also has extensive experience in film sound, advertising, film and video game trailers, and short film sound.

He works for all videogame platforms (PC, Xbox360 (XDK y XNA), Play Station 3, Wii, DS, PSP and Iphone.

He is also an expert in the management of several engines such as fmod, Unreal Engine, Wwise and Unity.






  • Gamelab Awards 2012

    Best video game sound for "Freak Wars" Virtual Toys

  • Desarrollador_ES Awards 2010

    Best video game sound for "Rotor´scope - The secret of endless energy".

  • Desarrollador_ES Award 2006

    Best video game sound for "Commandos Strike Force".

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