Our specialty

The "house specialty". Sonogames adapts to the needs of each client. You may hire FX, music, voice overs and mastering separately or as a "pack" complete in which we provide everything you need so that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

Request your Budget

The budgets vary depending on platform and project complexity. Tell us about your case and we will give you a personal quote. 


Sonogames develops sound for all platforms, including all major game consoles and mobile devices:


Over the past eight years we have been involved in managing a large number of different sound engines. From the most austere (changing parameters in scripts) to engines as powerful as fmod or Unreal engine.

Undoubtedly, these engines make life easier for game developers, but it is very important to know how to manage and configure them since the slightest omission in a switch may cause a collection of bugs.

In Sonogames we have extensive experience in the use of these engines; this allows us to more easily recognize any issues that arise during the course of a game and solve them as quickly as possible.