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- Best sound prize for "Commandos Strike Force"

The Association of Developers of Interactive Digital Entertainment (DOID) and Campus Party have awarded the game Commandos Strike Force the prize "Desarrollador_ES" for the Best Sound and the Best Soundtrack. It is not the only award Pyro studios has received. They were also rewarded for their artistic design and were elected as best developer’s company of the year

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- "NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits" Now available through Wiiware tm

"Over the Top Games” is another developer’s studio to keep an eye on. They came out of nowhere with NyxQuest and have created a visually beautiful game that is also fun to play." - NintendoLife (9/10)

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- Planet 51 (The Game)

Fernando Román has created all the sound effects used in Planet 51: The Game.

The last production of Pyro Studios (creators of the saga Commands) and published by Sega.

- Planet 51 Now available!

Planet 51 (the Game) Now available! for PS3, XBOX 360, Wii and DS 

Explore the world of Planet 51: Test your skills in a series of action-filled adventures that are out of this world. Try to outrun and outwit the Planet 51 Police and Army, find Chuck’s spaceship and help Chuck return home to Earth. 

Vehicles Galore: Race and chase as you complete tasks and evade the enemy in an incredible array of hover vehicles, ranging from cars, pick-up trucks and bicycles through to taxis, police cars, heavy trucks and even lawnmowers! 

Make new friends: Take control of the main characters from the movie – suave Astronaut Charles “Chuck” Baker and his new alien friend ‘Lem’– utilising their special abilities and skills as you complete each mission. 

Multiple missions, multiplayer and mini games: With numerous missions, minigames even multiplayer action you’ll get carried away exploring the world of Planet 51 

Go beyond the movie: Players will relive memorable movie moments as well as discovering new environments and missions created exclusively for the videogame!